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Updated Sept. 15, 2019, 1:30 a.m.

Gage Height
Instantaneous discharge at USGS streamgage 13181000 was last reported at 223cfs and a corresponding gage height of 1.75ft. This streamgage is located in Oregon at an elevation of 3351.0ft, with air temperatures expected to reach 91 degrees today, Hot. View the hourly weather forecast to stay on top of the latest weather alerts.

The average streamflow rate for this location is 570 cfs, with historical river levels flowing between a low of 44 cfs, and peaking at a record high of 46900 cfs. Explore the stage vs discharge relationship to learn more.

Trending Conditions

Weather Outlook

Weather conditions this week are expected to range between 70° with chance showers to 91° and hot over the next 5 days. It doesn't look like there's any substantial snow forecasted this week with air temperatures ranging between 70° - 91° over the next 5 days.

Nearby Conditions

Catlin Canal At Mile 0.1, Near Fowler, Co.
26.20 cfs

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Arkansas River At Catlin Dam, Near Fowler, Co.
306.00 cfs

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Arkansas River Near Nepesta, Co.
444.00 cfs

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Huerfano River Near Boone, Co.
0.25 cfs

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Apishapa River Near Fowler, Co.
7.91 cfs

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